Shaun McCallum
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Farm to Table
Food is one of only a few things that are absolutely necessary for human survival, and the act of eating is an essential part of our day-to-day lives. There are few actions more intimate than taking something into one’s body and making it a part of oneself. Yet this action has been relegated to the role of a chore; a cumbersome task that must be completed within an allotted time frame amidst a sea of more important obligations. Eating has become an inconvenience, and perhaps I take the phrase “you are what you eat” a bit too literally, but if the food we take into ourselves is devalued then so too are we.
This body of work is a representation of the dichotomy between reality and the marketable image utilized in mass produced foods. I present the viewer with a conflict of perception utilizing utopian images of farms alongside word associations that correlate to marketable food sources. These catch phrases are printed on food products that are offered to the viewer to allow them to commune with the source image as they experience the taste, texture, and smell of the final processed food product.